Asian Connection

Tano bonfanti lineup ciam

Line Up

Tano bonfanti 1final

The one that carries the light - 光を運ぶもの

Tano bonfanti 4final

The widow maker - 寡婦

Tano bonfanti 5final

The merchant - 商人

Tano bonfanti 2final

The prince- 王子

Tano bonfanti 6final

The Mechanic - 整備士

Tano bonfanti 3final

The bodyguard - ボディーガード

Tano bonfanti lineupcolorchoises

Print color schemes

Tano bonfanti asianconnection 1


Tano bonfanti asianconnection 2
Tano bonfanti asianconnection 3
Tano bonfanti asianconnection 4
Tano bonfanti sketches

This is a series of characters inspired by my trip to china and japan, this places left me with incredible and powerful images, i decided to put them into characters, the use of lights and neon billboards are a beautiful scene that it is always present, i spent 3 months there and i can wait to go back to search for more inspiration, i tried to keep the sketch style but with a bit more time put in to the final rendering stage.

I think in the future i will do a series of prints of these.

July 15, 2018